When the Coach says train – They Train!

It is evident and as explained in a previous post on this page, Mohammed Nadeem Ahmed, (Nadeem) is raising the level of cricket in St Helena as he is currently preparing Team St Helena for the T20 WC sub-regional qualifiers in Rwanda.

His training methods over the past 5 weeks have been met wholeheartedly by the men’s senior team as they spend hours, not only in his mandatory training sessions but opting for individual one-on-one sessions or extra sessions during the day whenever they could get time off work.

 Whilst the intensity of this training is focussed on the international trip, Team St Helena is just imagining how they could compete in the future if a proper coaching course was available to them throughout the year.

“Coach is just on another level,”  says one squad member, and that is just it…. Nadeem is an ICC Level 3 Coach with 15 years of experience, not only distributing skills, but he believes in passion, enthusiasm, discipline, and determination and uses that as the culture of his coaching.

  Coach Nadeem himself has shown that his main objective is to enhance cricket on St Helena to enable the players to be better prepared for the upcoming tournament, to represent the Island of St Helena, and to approach the 7 games which have to be played with a steely competitive nature.

 With hard work and the expertise, Nadeem has gained from teachers, like Gary Kirsten, he hopes for success and gets the world to look at St Helena.


Is it Game Time Coach?

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