Poor weather but we managed training

Despite the poor weather, Team St Helena managed several hours of training on the first day here in Johannesburg.

Thanks to Coach Nadeem and a few contacts on this side, it was possible to organize a few hours at the North Yeovil High School.

Physio Bradley ensured that the previous few days of no activity were erased from their minds in the first few exercises.

An hour of drills to condition the upper and lower body and improve the cardio saw the team spending the following two hours in the indoor nets practicing batting and bowling as the rain started hammering down again.

With the sessions complete for the day, the team spent the remainder of the afternoon shopping for dinner which was perfected by Dax and his helpers who excelled with their chicken and salad wraps…a great end to day two with a clear forecast for day 3 and hopefully some outdoor training with a match against the University of Johannesburg scheduled.

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