Training reaches a new level under Coach Nadeem.

It’s been a week since Team St Helena was announced and what has followed was the best weeks of training for the team for the past few months. Training has been intense, fitness sessions have been moved up a few levels and the player’s passions and skill levels are to be proud of. 

Training takes place on five consecutive days, starting on a Thursday and ending on a Monday. However, with a full-time coach players have been taking advantage of extra sessions throughout the week, which has seen them grow and strengthen in preparing for the ultimate test in Rwanda. 

It’s on the weekend that most outdoor training is carried out. On Saturday the squad undertakes fielding drills and on Sunday there is a match simulation. 

This past Saturday, there were marked improvements in the fielding skills of all players as fielding included, catching, throwing, 3-skill relay, run-out chances, ball sprints aggressive fielding, and agility. 

Following this week’s training sessions, Coach Nadeem said that it has been impressive, overall this has been the most intense and focused training week thus far. 

Team St Helena has 15 days before they leave St Helena for South Africa,

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