The boys are back at it.


Following a day off, Team St Helena were back in the nets today despite it being a second day off and listed as a Rest Day.


The expected rain did not occur, which we are led to believe is the norm so it was fortunate there was some cloud cover for a part of the morning.

Having recovered from some of the fatigue, Team St Helena were still sporting a few bruises but upbeat and looking forward to playing tomorrows games.


The fixtures for the ACA tournament were released last night. The tournament now comprises 4 teams and each team will play each other twice. This means that all teams will play twice each day, seeming a lot more evenly balanced.


Arrangements have been made to have tomorrow mornings game against Mozambique to be streamed live on YouTube. A Link will be posted on the St Helena Cricket Association Facebook page tomorrow morning, however, It will be on the Malawi Live YouTube link.


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