Team St Helena Selected!

A squad of 18 has been selected to travel to Botswana in October 2018 to participate in two T20 cricket tournaments organised by the ICC and ACA.

When the news of an international match was announced following an invitation 2 months ago, 28 players registered their interest and start training.

Over the weeks, numbers dropped for a number of reasons and following the selection of Scott Crowie earlier in the week, visiting Head Coach Mo Mather assisted with the selection of players to join him.

The team consist of Scott Crowie (capt), Philip Stroud, Alex Langham, Nico Ellick, Brett Isaac, Christian George, Gareth Johnson, Jordie Henry, Gavin George, Brendan Leo, Weston Clingham, Matthew Benjamin, Andrew Yon, Damien Obey, David Young, Rhys Francis, Ryan Belgrove and Darrel Leo.

The team will be joined by Derek Richards as team manager, Mo Mather as coach, Bradley Petersen as physio and Dax Richards in a coaching capacity for the final tournament.

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