Team St Helena returns to normality!

Seriously?….A day without cricket?

Maybe the past 3 weeks has spoilt Team St Helena as they awoke this morning to the reality of returning to work, where I am sure there would be lots of discussions with colleagues about the tournament but without a ball being bowled.

With the tournament complete and everyone having returned safely to the Island (apart from vice-captain Cliff Richards who has remained in South Africa for personal reasons), thoughts are now turning to the 2023 local cricket season which is just on the horizon.

Preceding each cricket season there is a Annual Meeting where all cricketing concerns are discussed. This meeting for the St Helena Cricket Association, will be held in the new year as the Secretary will not return to the island until the 24th of December and some urgent remedial work needs to be undertaken to the cricket pitch before the installation of the new cricket mat. This work is anticipated to be completed in early January.

In the meantime, discussions will be held with Francis Plain management on how best to undertake the works

It is the ideal time however, for teams to consider the season ahead as there is talk about new teams entering this season.

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