Meet team St Helena who will be representing St Helena in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Sub Regional Africa qualifier fixtures.

The team and the team management traveled from St Helena on the 7th of November to Johannesburg on the Airlink flight and then a week later traveled to Rwanda the following week via Ethiopia.

scott crowie
Age 30 LH Batsman
Cliff Richards

Age 31
Wicket Keeper and Batsman

Jordi Henry

Age 23 years
LH Batsman

Rhys Francis

Age 22 years
RH Spin Bowler

Aiden Leo

Age 22.
RH Batsman

Alex Langham

Age 27.
LH Batsman

Barry Stroud

Age 32
RH Spin Bowler

Andrew Yon

Age 26
RH Batsman

Brendan Leo

Age 26 years.
RH Bowler

Brett Isaac

Age 20
RH Bowler

Dax Richards

Age 41
Wicket Keeper and RH Batsman

Gareth Johnson

Age 36
LH Bowler

Jamie Ellick

Age 34 years.
LH spin Bowler.

Meet the team who is helping to motivate the squad on the ground.

There is also lots of hard work and busy hands going on behind the scenes, along with remote support from St Helena.