St Helena’s Oldest Cricket Fan heads off to Rwanda

Yes – Its  a true yarn that…..


Plantation House featured resident, Johnathon, the 190+ year old Tortoise (acclaimed oldest living land animal in the world) is St Helena Crickets oldest fan, so much so that the International team will be taking a locally made replica of Johnathon to Rwanda as their mascot in this month’s Sub Regional qualifiers.


The replica, has been made from upcycled denim by “Abiwans” in Jamestown, handmade over the past few weeks and will watch every game that St Helena competes in.

Johnathon is also embroidered on the underside, signifying his visit to Rwanda in 2022.


When asked why Johnathon and not a whale shark which is a faster and more graceful beast which graces our shores every year, much to the delight of everyone, and which is becoming very popular with locals and visitors alike, Team Manager Derek Richards said “for me Johnathon is a part of St Helena, always has been and always will be. He is of a great significance to the Island”.


Originating from the Seychelles, Johnathon is one of several tortoises that have the liberty of the grounds of Plantation House – It is believed that he is 191, but no one is certain, but it is recorded that he was brought to the Island in 1882, at which time he was a fully grown tortoise (which is roughly 50 years), making his birthdate 1832.


One of the questions asked is what will happen to him following the tournament…. “its anyone’s guess” said Derek “one thing for sure all of the players will sign him and we will see what happens from there…. Maybe a fundraiser”


On a lighter note, Derek added….. “I can’t imagine the look on face of the Seychelles team (whom we are playing) when we rock up with one of their tortoises, which is older than any of theirs”


St Helena Cricket leave for Rwanda this weekend.





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