St Helena in back to back victories…

With 58 of 36 balls and 6 wickets for 10 runs in 3 overs saw St Helenas Andrew Butterz Yon presented the man of the match award as St Helena beat Lesotho at IPRC.
The match was already reduced to 15 overs when overnight thunderstorms affected the wickets
St Helena set a target of 126 and was quickly in charge restricting the opposition to single runs.
Gareth Johnson and Barry Stroud continued their form from yesterday and pinned down the batsmen in their opening overs.
Andrew who had a rather poor day with the ball yesterday was backed by his captain and ultimately put in a magnificent performance and Lesotho ended 87 all out.
The result lifts St Helena another place in the table to 6th with an impending game with Mali.


  1. Woohoo! Go St Helena! Really cool to follow the journey and to see such enthusiasm for the great game of cricket, especially given the challenges of having to travel so far:)

  2. @Boris Feigin thank you, we appreciate your appreciation for our enthusiasm, especially where we have come from, with such limited facilities and a small amount of skillset we have to choose from, this is an experience of a lifetime for the team and our Island supporters.

  3. Congratulations Guys.
    Doing St Helena and the community proud.
    Keep those heads up. Your hard work is rewarding you’ll?.

    • @David Benjamin thank you, we appreciate your comments, we are pleased with the results thus far, and the team’s efforts, let’s see how we progress all eyes on the scoreboard.

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