Cricket on the Paradise Island

Whilst in the Seychelles on holiday, Derek decided to take a day out to hook up with The Seychelles Cricket Association, to have a tour of their facilities and grounds and to see how the game functions on another Island.

Those who have been following St Helena Cricket, particularly on the recent travels to Rwanda, will know that St Helena played Seychelles in a nail-biting game which ended in a victory for St Helena with one ball to spare, something which Derek was pleased to remind Secretary to the Association in Seychelles Nadisha when they met earlier this week.

Seychelles Cricket has several cricketing grounds that are available to them on Mahe Island, but none of them. are dedicated, but facilities are shared with other sports.

The major sport in Seychelles is football and unbelievably Cricket is not very popular.

This said, the Association boasts 18 senior men’s teams and 8 senior women’s teams, and so their ICC scorecard grant reflects this, but it should be noted that they have a pool of 98,000 to draw from.

Derek and Nadisha had long chats about the similarities of their Island cricket and how both could work with each other in the future.

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