Pitch renovation and a Coach catch-up

High-end maintenance is currently being undertaken on Francis Plain in the surrounding areas of the cricket pitch.
Prior to the start of the 2023 cricket season extensive renovation works were undertaken to the pitch which had cracked in several places and on one end had sunk to an almost noticeable 7 inches.
Local contractors and avid supporters of island cricket, Isaacs Contractors undertook the work, and providing the cheapest solution, took the top of the pitch and repoured it. The repour took the actual surface of the pitch a few inches above the playing field; therefore, work had to be undertaken to raise the height of the area directly around the pitch. This was successful but over the course of the season, the earth settled which left work to be done to reinstate it.

In recent days, a team led by Anthony George has reinstated the settled areas and covered the reworked areas to try and stop rabbit burrowing which is a big problem on Francis Plain.
The grounds team at Francis Plain is supporting the reinstatement of the area and the grass to try and ensure it is ready for the 2024 cricket season.

Catch up with Coach Nadeem in Capetown.

During a brief stopover in Capetown last weekend Derek Richards met with Coach Nadeem Ahmed for a quick catch-up on St Helena Cricket, talk about the international team and how the international players performed during the past season.

Coach…as he affectionately became known to the saints when he visited the island in October 2022, is in regular contact with Derek and many of the international team who keeps him up to date with events. He was particularly pleased to see players like Jordi Henry, Cliff Richards, Aiden Leo and Scott Crowie who all picked up individual awards at the last presentation.

Derek also had the opportunity to meet the Coaches’ delightful family during the quick stopover.

Coach sends regards to all who remember him on the island.

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