Rain saves Kenya

St Helena registers a single point in their first game at the T20 Regional Qualifiers.

What started a bright and sunny morning with Botswana and the hosts Rwanda enjoying awesome cricketing weather, the afternoon turned dull and overcast as St Helena and Kenya took the field.

Having won the toss, Captain Scott elected to field and started the bowling with Barry Stroud.

Only 4 overs had elapsed when thunder struck literally and down poured the rain which has been following Team St Helena for the past 2 weeks.

At 14.00, just 15 minutes after the start the players were brought in amidst the downpour and threat of lightning, and the pitch was covered

The umpires met with team management an hour later and advised that they would see if the rain stopped and a decision would be made in 40 minutes. This turned into an hour whilst there was still time to complete the game, albeit within limited overs, however after an inspection between umpires and groundsmen at 16.00, it was decided that even if the rain stopped, the time it would take to prepare the pitch would not leave enough time to complete the required number of overs to constitute math and the game was called.

St Helena registers a point on the table against the tournament favorites and a very formidable opponent on their first day.

Next up tomorrow are the hosts Rwanda.

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