No Sunday lie-in for Team St Helena!

An early start saw a warm-up and fielding training in the hotel grounds for the team for an hour, before heading off for a batting session in the nets.

Whilst the other teams all have matches today, this was Team St Helena’s official day off, before facing Seychelles tomorrow after lunch and then a doubleheader on Tuesday.

With no official functions for the team today, we have a look at another of our promising talents, the highest scorer in our last game, Aiden Ross Leo.

Aiden started the game, following in the footsteps of his father when he was 14 years old.

His first century against St Pauls whilst playing for the Levelwood Rebels at that time took the young player of the season for two consecutive years.

Aiden left with his family in 2016 for the Falkland Islands where he lived and worked for 5 years.

There wasn’t much interest in cricket in the Falkland Islands, but with interest from a few, they managed about five games each summer during the time he was there.

In June 2021 he returned to the Island and reignited his cricketing career, by joining the Levelwood Allstars this past season, where he mustered almost a thousand runs.

Aiden, in an interview with St Helena Cricket, outlined his intentions with the national team where he knows it has always been his dream to represent St Helena on an International level and is loving the fact that he is able to train and perform to his potential in the tournament and is hoping that team St Helena goes on to play strongly and do well in the tournament.

For sure he will be backed by his colleagues and the St Helena fraternity.

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