ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Sub Regional Africa qualifier fixtures

These are planned fixtures for the T20 WCSRA Qualifiers fixtures.

These might possibly change so follow us for more updates.

Team Saint Helena – Scott Crowie (c), Jamie Ellick, Rhys Francis, Jordi Henry, Brett Isaac, Gareth Johnson, Alex Langham, Aiden Leo, Branden Leo, Dane Leo, Cliff Richards, Dax Richards, Barry Stroud, Andrew Yon

17th November 2022
Botswana vs Rwanda, Match 1
Lesotho vs Mali, Match 2
St Helena vs Kenya, Match 3
Seychelles vs Botswana, Match 4

18th November 2022
Rwanda vs St Helena, Match 5
Botswana vs Lesotho, Match 6
Kenya vs Malawi, Match 7
Mali vs Seychelles, Match 8

20th November 2022
Malawi vs Botswana, Match 9
Kenya vs Mali, Match 10
Rwanda vs Kenya, Match 11
Seychelles vs Lesotho, Match 12

21st November 2022
Mali vs Malawi, Match 13
Lesotho vs Kenya, Match 14
Rwanda vs Malawi, Match 15
St Helena vs Seychelles, Match 16

22nd November 2022
Botswana vs Mali, Match 17
Lesotho vs St Helena, Match 18
Malawi vs Seychelles, Match 19
St Helena vs Mali, Match 20

24th November 2022
Malawi vs St Helena, Match 21
Rwanda vs Seychelles, Match 22
Kenya vs Botswana, Match 23
Mali vs Rwanda, Match 24

25th November 2022
Seychelles vs Kenya, Match 25
Lesotho vs Malawi, Match 26
Botswana vs St Helena, Match 27
Lesotho vs Rwanda, Match 28


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