High altitude and intensive training today.

It was early rise (09/11/22) for the St Helena team today.

Immediately after breakfast, we had an amazing training session as the weather was brilliant throughout we welcomed a one hundred percent contrast to the previous day it was wall-to-wall blue skies that were favored by the team as they bustled into their first full outdoor fitness and fielding session.

Our Physio Bradley started the day and put the squad through their paces as they improved on their training at altitude at almost three times the altitude.

“It’s amazing,” said Bradley..”we are putting the team through explosive and high-intensity drills and everyone is on form”.

Fielding with Coach Nadeem was also focused on high intensity and the improvement was very noticeable over the space of a few days.

With training for the day completed, team St Helena spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing after an intense training day, however, the team round up the day with a very enjoyable BBQ prepped and served by the master chefs Jordi, Mark, and Wayne.