Family Day for Team St Helena

Team St Helena enjoys a family lunch at Richards Travel Lodge.

Having returned to St Helena yesterday afternoon from a 3 week tournament in Rwanda, the team was immediately back into the action with a family lunch and bonding afternoon with family, friends and primary sponsors.

It was the ideal opportunity to thank the teams family, the sponsors a chance for the media to catch up with everyone.

The day took the form of a lunch funded by the St Helena Cricket Association accompanied by drinks sponsored by a good friend of cricket who was also present for the function.

Coach Nadeem Ahmed who left the team in Johannesburg yesterday morning but who had spent 9 weeks with the team both on St Helena and in Rwanda, was virtually brought in via Google Meet.

Coach spoke to all present, congratulating the team on their performance, taking the positives out of the tournament where St Helena had positive results whilst being hampered by the weather.

Team Manager Derek Richards thanked everyone present for their support over the months right up until yesterday when there was a massive turnout at St Helena Airport to welcome the team home.

Thanks were given to the spouses and families who had supported the players throughout and a huge thank you  to the principle sponsors who had supported the trip.

With the formalities complete the team enjoyed the afternoon, allowing themselves to relax after a tense and hectic tournament.

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