Cliff Richards makes Vice Captain for Team St Helena.

The composition of Team St Helena going into the World Cup Qualifiers is very dynamic with changes and positions changing on performances, passion, and intensity, and overall improvement in the game decisions on positions and composition are made by team Captain Scott Crowie and coach Nadeem.

Cliff the first-choice wicketkeeper for the tournament, here in Rwanda, started playing cricket at the age of 13, and the majority of his cricketing career was playing for the then St Paul’s B.

In 2017 Cliff decided to break away and form a new cricket team, the Challengers which he now Captains.

Speaking on team selection and the build-up to the tournament, he said “the arrival of coach Nadeem has been very beneficial to me in trying to perfect my wicket-keeping skills and understanding of the game, which I am sure everyone has found, as most skills are self-taught and coach has helped a lot with minor adjustments to our techniques”. 

Cliff is looking forward to Team St Helena doing well in the tournament which starts later this week.

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