St Helena Cricket, and all affiliate members is prepared for new challenges and developments.  The game is becoming more popular and a wide range of ages of players participate from all districts of the island.  The SHCA is eager to see island cricket take its place in the international arena, regardless of the size of our population so that the standard of our play can be assessed and be influential in our development.  Funding at present comes from the Africa Cricket Association [ACA] Development Fund on an annual basis and from what SHCA can raise locally. The St Helena economy is weak and funding is limited on an island of just 4000 people.

St Helena cricket faces positive and exciting challenges as it creates progress and growth for our sport.  Work is centred in the senior clubs, youth programmes and the four island schools. The future looks promising for the game of cricket on the island and it has maintained and increased its popularity over the last ten years, despite a substantial drop in population numbers. More young people are now participating to the extent where it is now the most popular sport (by participating numbers) on the island. The local game now needs a new challenge, a new impetus, and this opportunity is now on the radar, in the form of international participation, to which St Helena has been invited, just twice.  More of the same is needed for the standard to improve. The potential spin off in terms of development is considerable, in as much as the opportunity will allow the SHCA to assess our standard of play against our counterparts from Africa, thereby providing us with the incentive to develop local talent and facilities further. Following recent invitations tp participate in the international arena the Association has sourced, with assistance from the ACA, a cricket coach on an ad hoc basis.  Mo Mather has visited St Helena on several occasions and has built on the players fitness and skills.  The players have the will and enthusiasm to achieve and this is a good sign for the future of cricket on St Helena. We believe that the current crop of players are very talented, but they had not previously been harnessed in a focused and coordinated way to take them to the next level. It is believed that the opportunity of international participation is that missing link to move the game on.

Principal core values

We shall focus on the vision and goals and the achievement of better results at all levels          

We shall focus on the vision and goals and the achievement of better results at all levels          

We shall encourage and promote new ideas and shall accept mistakes as part of the learning curve

We shall promote trust and respect within St Helena cricket and in our relations with the ACA and ICC

Responsibility – We shall ensure responsibility in all decisions and action

We shall encourage teamwork and work together on tasks and challenges

We shall promote and encourage democracy and cooperation across gender, religion, age and ability

We shall demand the highest standards of ethical behaviour of our players and officials.

We shall communicate and cooperate in a simple, clear and open manner

We shall cherish our cricket history, its spirit and cultural heritage and ensure modernisation is based on these aspects

Development – We shall promote fellowship through cricket matches and provide players with the means for developing skills, confidence and mutual respect, as well as the pleasure and enjoyment of playing cricket

The St Helena Cricket Association will provide the means for all cricket players on St Helena to optimise their talent and reach the highest possible standard.

Cricket has attracted many followers on St Helena as it is a sport based on excitement, courage, physical fitness, mental strength, leadership, as well as teamwork and individual achievement.  It has noble values and is the best game in the world.