A quiet day in the Team St Helena camp.

It’s a rest day with all teams undergoing light training or just taking a day off altogether

For St Helena half of the team spent the day at the hotel whilst the other half visited the money exchange to top up on their Rwanda Francs.

For coach Nadeem, it was time for reflection on the past couple of days and it particularly the game yesterday…

“The St Helena team I know pitched up yesterday with the ball in hand,” he said. ”  They were full of vigor and energy and we took the fight to the unbeaten Rwandan team”

“For sure nobody gave us a chance but now others are taking note”

Coach Nadeem said that for the first-time batting on a turf wicket we may have been overwhelmed.

However, during the Debrief, we dissected both innings and we discovered that we are almost there as a team ready to compete at the highest level.

We need to look at things in perspective. All the other teams have been preparing for months and team St Helena for 7 weeks. With much fewer facilities I may add. This is nowhere near enough time for a tournament of this calibre.

However, what we as a team have accomplished in 7 weeks is astonishing. We are almost there, we just need to realize what we are capable of.

Our success won’t be judged by wins or losses but by the amount of growth we show on the field and also how many heads we turn. Tomorrow is St Helena’s day off so will undertake training in the morning and prepare for the games against Seychelles the following afternoon.

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