Welcome to the St Helena Cricket Association

Our History

Competitive Cricket has been played in St Helena since the beginning of the 20th Century.

The St Helena Cricket League was founded by the Honourable Homphray Solomon in 1903.  He was a local businessman who later developed the League into the St Helena Cricket Association of which he was President for the rest of his life.  Many of the original players were expatriates from the United Kingdom who worked here in the R.G. Artillery and in the Eastern Telegraph Company.

The Association is today part of the ICC global development plan.  St Helena Cricket and all affiliate members is prepared for new challenges and developments.

The game is becoming more popular and a wide range of ages of players participate from all districts of the island.

St Helena Cricket News

The St Helena team in the crease

After six long years, St Helena was invited to participate in their second ever international cricket competition. Team St Helena comprised of a squad of 16 players, a manager, a coach and a physio. Much hard work was completed in short time in preparation for the competition and one of the main elements of this was fundraising. The association was also successful seeking sponsorship from local businesses and individuals